Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who Are Your Go-To People?

Wow! I forgot how busy the beginning of the school year can be. And to think, the first nine weeks will be over in a little more than 2 short weeks.
My beginning of the year is filled with a lot of data analysis and initial assessments to see what my new class is capable of. Then I typically begin to plan and research how I can best meet the needs of all of my students. I thought now would be a good time to talk about "go-to people." You know, the ones you always turn to when looking for ways to help with your planning.
These are my "go-to people." Their ideas and inspirations are forever present in my classroom year after year:
  • Language Arts
    • Linda Hoyt-I love her book Spotlight on Comprehension
    • Tony Stead-a wonderful guy from Australia who has great ideas for teaching comprehension, especially with Nonfiction. Great reads are Reality Checks and Good Choice!.... He also recently co-authored a great book series I'm currently reading with Linda Hoyt called Explorations in Nonfiction Writing. I had the opportunity to meet him a few times, and he is incredibly nice and extremely knowledgeable. You've got to love his ideas and his character.
    • Ralph Fletcher-I cannot say enough about this guy. He is a master writer! Author of Craft Lessons and I absolute love his books about using a writer's notebook, Poetry Matters, and How to Write Your Life Story.
    • Katie Wood Ray--great resource for word study. Try Study Driven.
    • Kathy Ganske--another word study great. Check out Word Journeys.
    • Beth Newingham--an absolutely AMAZING! Scholastic teacher. I get a lot of ideas from her for reading workshop.
  • Social Studies
    • Beth Newingham--great resource for social studies as well. I love her geography scrapbooking idea and the videos she makes with her class.
    • Scholastic--They have some great books and ideas for social studies on their website. I especially love their books on interactive projects like 25 Totally Terrific Social Studies Activities.
  • Math
    • Guess who?!--Beth Newingham
    • "math workshop" ideas--Google it. There are tons of resources.
  • Behavior
    • Ron Clark--My absolute favorite right now! I've read The Essential 55, seen the movie "The Ron Clark Story" (he is portrayed by Matthew Perry), and am currently reading The Excellent 11, which is mostly about teaching philosophy. More great reads.
    • Ryan Delaney and Quality Tools--great ideas for students' data binders and keeping track of students' learning and behavior.
After several years of not teaching science at the intermediate level, I am self-contained and teaching science this year. I don't have any "go-to's" for this subject YET, but I will be sure to share once I find them.

I would LOVE to hear who your "go-to's" are!