Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Classroom Makeover Beginnings

I finished getting my room ready for the summer yesterday. Everything is stacked, put away, and off the floor, ready to be waxed. I've decided to give my room a total makeover.

In the past I've had posters all over the place of things I thought were important for the kids to see: reading strategies, writing strategies, test-taking skills, etc. All of the things most of us put up. But when I asked the kids if they liked the posters, they said they loved them and used them a lot, but they felt it was too much to look at, almost information overload. The plan is to make it look more inviting to a 9-year-old, without being overwhelmed by all the posters. =)

I started with a theme, the forest, since I love the great outdoors. I wanted to make the room more inviting for the kids and myself, a place everyone is excited to go to. The first order of business was to put up some wall decals. I figured if they stayed up all summer, they will stay up throughout the year. Here's a before and after.
 Here's another thing I did before the school year was over. We've all seen the "Types of Writing" bulletin board on Pinterest, probably. I made my own version of the bulletin and changed some of the types of writing to fit more with what I teach. I also had this year's kids make some first drafts of each type of writing for next year's kids to read. The plan is to display two pieces each. I think it worked out nicely. I love the story title, "Chicks with Brains."


  1. Do you have a file for what you used on your Types of writing bulletin board?

  2. I do not. It was an end of year bulletin. I used student work. I asked who would like to help make the board, letting them know next year's students would read them. Students volunteered to create the different genres based on what the learned and were given free choice on topic. Their goal was to show future classes what "good 4th grade writing" looked like.

    1. I used scrapbook paper and a cricut to make the board, with a cloth background. I also found some cute ribbon with forest theme at the local craft store.