Friday, June 8, 2012

DIY: Desk Name Plate

I finished my first classroom DIY today. I made a new desk nameplate to go with the color scheme I chose for next year (pink and BROWN). I can't wait to put it on my desk. It's so cute, I'm hoping it will help me to keep my desk de-cluttered this year. A parent had given me the wooden cubes a few years ago for art along with a whole storage box full of other wooden ornaments from eggs and acorns to banister knobs and clothespins. We used a lot of it in art club, an after-school club I've supervised, but there still seems to be a whole boxful. I will have to look into what else I can make with all those wood ornaments. There are some mushrooms in there that I could use for something to go with my theme...maybe smurf houses? Will see...

When I went to buy the terracotta pots at the craft store (60 cents each, YES!), I also found some 30% off beads, so I bought a bunch of those. I'm thinking of making some beaded curtains to decorate the windows for my next DIY...
Here's a pic of my name plate.

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